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Executive Council

Our Executive Council term runs August-May, and every year each council member must reapply again to be on council. If you have not been on council before, but would like to be, applications are usually available in March, and interviews are held throughout late March and early April. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, positions will come open throughout the school year, in which applications for that position will be available. 

To be on the BCM Executive Council, here are the requirements:

1:      Maintain a daily growing relationship with Jesus Christ
2:      Be active in a church and encourage other students to be involved
3:      Attend weekly BCM Council meetings prepared to report/evaluate ministry plans
4:      Meet with the director/campus missionary and/or president on a weekly basis
5:      Commit appropriate time to your position to the BCM as a whole


If you are a High School Senior or brand new College Freshman and want more info on how to be involved with leadership at the BCM, fill out the forms below!

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