The Door

The Door is our weekly time to meet together as a BCM to either:

  1. Dive into God’s word through a Bible Study

  2. Serve our campus and community in a Missions capacity through trash takeouts, visiting local nursing homes, or even inviting a missionary to come and speak. 

  3. Worship together.

  4. Just have fun. This may include going somewhere, having a game night, playing ultimate frisbee, or just having a good ole' fashion cookout.

Ayers Lecture Hall (Science Building)
Tuesdays @ 7 PM

The Door Schedule (SPRING 2017)

Coming soon!


Small Groups

 Men's Bible Study

Men's Bible Study


Real Talk

Real talk is our Men's Bible Study that meets weekly to study Scripture and build one another up as a band of Brothers. It is a time where real identity is sought and truth is discovered through the reading of God's Word and living life with one another.

Time & Place TBA


 Women's Bible Study

Women's Bible Study





Captivate is our Women's Bible Study that meets weekly to dive into God's Word and grow with one another. It is a place where women can realize their potential and the idea that God wants to captivate us through His love and mercy.

Time & Place TBA